Monday, September 19, 2011

A sweet birthday miracle

My feelings for multiple " it's my birthday" posts and public displays of affection are very similar. I don't like either and consider them to be in poor taste. Unless of course i am the lady making out at the laundry mat, then I say " horah! Bring on the slobber!"

Just kidding, dad. I have never kissed a boy in my entire life.

I'm okay with birthday whoring too, as long as I am the one doing the whoring. When September 17th rules around, I can't help but tell anyone with working ears that it is MY day. This year was no exception.

I woke up early to do some grocery shopping before picking up the boyfriend from the airport at 11. I had bought some weekend food, shampoo, and an assortment of household items.

I scanned all of these items through the self check out line and was tickled when I watched the price drop over $11 after scanning my Kroger shopping card. by far my favorite part of shopping.

44 dollars and some forgettable amount of change.


Opened my purse to get my wallet and it isn't there. I had left it in the car.

Not so great.

I tell the lady supervising the self check out area what had happened and she said I could run to my car to get my wallet and that I wouldn't have to reswipe everything.

Great again.

A cute older man, probably in his late 60s, smiles and jokes that I am no where near old enough to be forgetting things yet.

" I will have you know, I am 25 years old today!"

We both laughed.

I went to my car, got the wallet that I had carelessly forgotten and hurried back to pay for my shampoo.

As I get Into the store, the cashier hands me my bag.

"Thanks, let me just swipe my card" I say and walk to the self check out kiosk.

The lady smiles and said that the older man had paid for my groceries while I was in the car and that he says "happy birthday"

What a way to start a day. Of course it was nice to not pay for $44 of groceries, but the warm fuzzy feeling from the kindness of a stranger will surely stick with me for a while. I need to find a way to pay it forward.

- professional freakshow

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Mizzreviewlady said...

Aww what a generous kind man and what a great bday gift, the generousity of a stranger! I am now following you from the hop and would love a follow back
Thanks :)