Monday, July 30, 2012

If only my mom had let me eat pop tarts for dinner..

I am a horrible mother. A year ago, this blog was my baby. My pride and joy. In fact, there was a time when I had stepped over the line of being a writer that casually blogged for fun and into the zone of obsession. I was no longer blogging about awkward accuracies that naturally found their way into my into my life, and instead I was intentionally creating awkwardness and putting myself in absurd situations for the sake of having something “freakshowlike” to write about.

 I was exactly like the  parents that I hate working with through the college admissions process. I was obsessed, overbearing, and probably the type that would put a “my kid is an honor student at blah blah blah middle school” on the back of my SUV.

And then everything changed. I quickly changed from being what we call in college admissions, a helicopter parent and I transformed into the type of mom that serves pop-tarts for dinner.  It wasn’t that I stopped enjoy the blog, or that my life was no longer interesting, I simply just forgot about it. This may be why I have never in my adult life had a pet that requires more attention then a loving and caring rock.

I am not here to make any excuses.

That’s a lie. That is exactly why I am here.

The following list will serve a few purposes all at once. It will give you an update of my life in the last few selfish, non-writing months and with any luck it will also leaving thinking “ I was so sad that that I could not read this blog everyday, but I am so happy that she is back! I will read it everyday and tell all of my friends. And my grandma too!”

Excuse #1: I started graduate school last spring. Although I definitely dropped off the blogging planet long before classes started, this at least offers an excuse for January-July.  I am working on my Masters in School Counseling so I have had less time to write about bald men and airplanes and my time has been dedicated to creating plans to improve the self esteem of teenagers and writing papers about hugs and feelings.

Excuse #2- I have been working really hard to make myself feel healthy.  As much as I enjoy running, bootcamp classes and hot yoga, when I get home, I am so gosh darn tired! There was one day a few weeks ago that I had full intensions of blogging, but my arms were literally too sore to reach the keyboard. It was like I was a T-rex or some other animal with very short stiff arms. Sad.

In my head I thought that I had a lot more then 2 excuses. I could add more for the sake of having a solid five, but they would probably include excuses like “ I had a papercut last week” and “I couldn’t blog in December because I was too excited for santa to come”.  No need for bullshit, I will stick to the legitimate two.

Hopefully this isn’t a fluke, and I will get back into the writing swing!

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GKHarvey61111 said...

Awesome! Look forward to reading a chuckle from you again!! :)