Monday, September 13, 2010

Ready, set, blast off!

My name is Erin and I am a real life, walking, talking, and breathing magnet of outrageously awkward situations. Although it would be sensible to tell you that I do my very best to dodge said awkward encounters, it would also be a lie. I thrive in awkward situations and from time to time I have found myself making awkward situations more awkward, simply for the sake of an entertaining story for my friends and family.
As a College Admissions Counselor I spend a great deal of my time traveling throughout the country trying to make students and their families fall in love with the idea of going to LC. High School students are Petri dishes for awkwardness and when combined with my own oddities, the stories are always epic.
Travel season started this week and I have decided to create a be blog of my travels and adventures. Please be prepared to read about the friends I make on the airplane and on the street. Get ready to hear me vent about the mean man at the car rental center. Brace yourself for comma splices and spelling errors and be ready for what I hope turns into some very entertaining reading!

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