Friday, October 1, 2010

There is an outbreak of stupidity taking over the minds of high school students in southern New England. Although the conversations that I have had with these infected teenagers make be genuinely concerned for the future of our society, I can’t help but be entertained and I am thrilled that I have something to write about. I would like to take a moment to review a few precious conversations I have had in the last few weeks with the future leaders of our country. Follow-

Exhibit A:
Future Einstein : Let me guess. This school is in New York.
Me: Actually we are in central Virginia
Future Einstein: Whatever… I was pretty close.
I really wish I wasn’t obligated to turn her interest card in.

Exhibit B:
Me: We are a small liberal arts college in Virginia
Student ( who may or may not have been preggers): Virginia? Where is that?
Me( as I point to the map of the east coast on my travel board and concentrate on not rolling my eyes or busting into giggles): Well.. you can see here that VA is north of North Carolina and East of West Virginia
Ms. Preggers: Huh. Never heard of it.
Awesome. Not only has she never head of Virginia..but in 3-4 months she will be spreading her wisdom to an infant. Maybe dad is truly brilliant.. but Im not counting on that.

Exhibit C:
Extra large female student in an extra small tshirt: I don’t want to go to college. I’m just going to be a lawyer

Exhibit D:
I am not even going to take the time to write out the dialog for the 5 minutes I spent trying to explain to a boy that Lacrosse was not a major.

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jts said...

Dear god that's awful. Conversations like that make me seriously concerned about the future of America.